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June 2, 1962

The Beatles at Hamburg airport waiting to go back home to Liverpool.

Months earlier on April 11, John, Paul and Pete would fly to Hamburg to be greeted and told by Astrid Kirchherr that the bands former bassist, Stuart Sutcliffe, had passed away the day before by brain haemorrhage. George, who had been feeling unwell, and manager Brian Epstein would fly in the following day on April 12.

The band was scheduled to perform a 7-week, 48-night residency at Hamburg’s Star Club, Grosse Freiheit district, from April 13 (Fri.) to May 31 (Thurs.) where they notched up close to 172 hours of stage time.

In the afternoon of this day (photos), they caught a Lufthansa flight to London Airport, from which they caught a connecting flight to Manchester Airport. They would arrive at their hometown of Liverpool at 7.25pm and would be driven to their respective homes.

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George Harrison and Paul McCartney during the filming of Help!, Obertauern, Austria, 1965 – photographed by Henry Grossman

Paul McCartney: “It’s a Beatle people!”

George Harrison: “Who’s your fave rave?”

PM: “I love you!”

GH: “How gear.”

– Jean Shepard interviews The Beatles for Playboy’s February 1965 issue



The Beatles, 1967

thefab-four: George Harrison & Pattie Boyd


George Harrison & Pattie Boyd

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From my secret magazine lair – German teen magazine BRAVO of April 25, 1966 with George and Pattie

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Beatle George Harrison toured the Haight-Ashbury yesterday peering through lavender glasses, strumming a guitar and eventually drawing a huge following of flower children behind him. Harrison, called “the quiet Beatle,” and his wife Patti, first parked at Masonic Avenue and Haight Street about 6 p.m. and wandered down the street unnoticed among the throng of hippies. Harrison sported the drooping French moustache, long hair, buttons, flowered trousers, denim jacket and heart-shaped shades affected by many members of the love generation. And 23-year-old wife Patti could have been just about any hippie girl with her long blonde hair and granny glasses.

The two walked the length of Haight Street looking into the shops and watching the local residents and finally stopped at “hippie hill” in Golden Gate Park. A young man was entertaining a crowd of about 20 hippies. Harrison and his wife listened for a minute and then Harrison asked, “Can I borrow your guitar?” The young man said “Sure.” Harrison took the guitar and started to play. And played unrecognized for about three minutes. A girl listened and looked at Harrison then started shouting: “Hey! That’s George Harrison. That’s George Harrison!” … A sizeable crowd formed. Harrison played for about ten more minutes and then shouted, “Let’s go for a walk.” And off they went, Harrison strumming the guitar, the hippies following along. As the crowd left the park it grew. “What do you think of the Haight-Ashbury?” asked a hippie. “Wow. If it’s all like this it’s too much,” Harrison answered.

[David Swanston, San Francisco Chronicle, 8th August 1967]

George and Pattie accompanied by Derek Taylor and Magic Alex checkout the hippy scene at San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district on the 7th August, 1967. 



The Beatles – Hello, Goodbye/I Am The Walrus (…

The Beatles – Hello, Goodbye/I Am The Walrus (1967)




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Thank you, George. We miss you so very much. All my love forever. ॐ