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I can't believe i've only just found…

I can't believe i've only just found your blog! It's amazing.

sorry if this reply is late, i just stumbled across your message because tumblr didn’t notify me about any new messages. thank you, dear!

Okay so there was this anti-war music both set…

Okay so there was this anti-war music both set and written in the 1960s called "Hair" and one of the lines in the show is "And I'm the Aluminum Cockspin and you'll eat me up! Up! Up!" I can't for the life of me figure out what this is supposed to mean and googling it you just get porn. Do you got any clue about what the line is talking about?

so, i couldn’t find anything about this line either. if we take it literally, the “cockspin” here could mean, well, a cock spinning. according to urbandictionary, “cock spin: the act of spinning one’s penis in consecutive circles, without the aid of hands or other appendages.

we can’t really understand the line without having the context of the scene. i guess it’s also relevant to remember that in the hippie counterculture, there was that “no sense makes sense” mentality, a lot of things they said din’t really make sense or had a literal meaning (especially in the arts), except maybe for themselves.

Aaaaaa vc é brasileira ❤️ já ama…

Aaaaaa vc é brasileira ❤️ já amava mas n sabia agora amo mais.

sou! hahah obrigada 💚

Hey! Amazing playlists dood . Would it be alright if I requested one also? Well anyway here it is : it’s sunset . You’re sitting in your room writing poems contemplating life – melancholy feelings


ballad of a thin man // bob dylan

02. people are strange // the doors

03. look through my window // the mamas & the papas

04. the fool on the hill // the beatles

05. no expectations // the rolling stones

One night stand Playlist or having a fling Playlist

01. let’s make love // marilyn monroe

02. hungry // paul revere & the raiders

03. summer 68 // pink floyd

04. all i want to do // the beach boys

05. let it bleed // the rolling stones

playlist: laying in a field on a sunny day and feeling at peace for the first time in a while

01. here’s where you belong // the west coast pop art experimental band

02. lazy sunday // small faces

03. sunshine girl // herman’s hermits


dandelion // the rolling stones

05. here comes the sun // the beatles

Playlist Stoned alone on a Saturday night. Outside the crisp fall air in the mountains of NC drinking lemon tea and smoking a joint. Knowing though you’re alone, you won’t be forever because time has a way of transforming your reality to your thoughts.

01. rainy day women #12 & 35 // bob dylan

02. comin’ back to me // jefferson airplane

03. everybody’s been burned // the byrds

04. across the universe // the beatles

05. bird on the wire // leonard cohen

You should check out the band Beach House if you don’t know who they are, they are amazing!!!

yeah i’ve heard them, good stuff!

Moving away from home playlist

01. she’s leaving home // the beatles

02. 500 miles // joan baez

03. i shall be released // cass elliot, mary travers & joni mitchell 

04. we gotta get out of this place // the animals

05. like a rolling stone // bob dylan

Playlist: a chilly late summer night, just when the leaves are starting to gain their first tinges of autumnal coloring. the moonlight illuminates the lengthy walk to nowhere in particular.

01. who knows where the time goes? // fairport convention

02. turn, turn, turn // the byrds

03. let’s go away for awhile // the beach boys

04. forgetting // the feminine complex

05. songs to aging children come // joni mitchell