thateventuality: The Beatles onstage at the M…


The Beatles onstage at the Metropolitan Stadium, Bloomington, MN, 21 August 1965

Photos: Bob Bonis

“These guys are amazing. They are electric. I mean look at those girls. I think the girls want them if you know what I mean, but what makes it so unstoppable… is the music. Ya mix the music with the men, and what have you got? Hysteria.” – Bob Bonis to Larry Kane

* * *

Q: “Were The Beatles as funny off-camera, as they were in A Hard Day’s Night?”

Bob Bonis: “Frankly, I found them even funnier. You know, they would do a show that would have me on the floor. They would do a whole Palladium show for you – Beatles at The Palladium, with the old-time comics and the songs… in the hotel suite with acoustic guitars. Never in the dressing room… with other people around. It was hilarious. It would’ve been classic if it had been filmed. They were all funny. Maybe John a little deeper and more biting than the others, but they were all funny – even Ringo and quiet George.” – The Lost Beatles Photographs